How to Promote Digistore24 Products on Pinterest — Step by Step Guide

If you are planning to Promote Digistore24 Products on Pinterest, this is the best guide for you. Pinterest is a visual search engine with traffic of 300M. And Pinterest allows you direct affiliate links on the pin. Most Pinterest users are from the USA. These things make Pinterest the best platform for affiliate marketing. I will show you how to pick a product to promote on Pinterest. I will also talk about Pinterest account set up, optimizing pins, and more. This is a complete guide about Pinterest Affiliate Marketing with Digistore24. So let’s dive into it.

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How to do affiliate marketing on Pinterest

How to promote digistore 24 products on Pinterest
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What is Digistore24

According to their official website, “Digistore24 is an online sales platform that offers you an integrated online store, an affiliate network, all common payment methods, and accounting automation incl. tax automation.” This is one of the best affiliate networks. You can sell your products here with their online sales platform. You can pick any product and promote it. Here, you can find high-ticket products to promote.

How to pick the best product to promote on Pinterest

On Pinterest, most of the audience is female. You should pick a product that is relevant to the audience. This means that you should pick a product related to Weight loss, yoga, keto diet, cooking, workouts, and women’s fashion. These niches will give you good traffic. Explore Pinterest Categories and Interests given in the below image.

How to promote digistore24 products on Pinterest
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You can see in this image popular categories and interests on Pinterest. If you want to use more filter options. You can scroll down and see audience filters by Age, by Region, and more filters. Research on Pinterest categories and interests then pick a niche.

Now you picked the niche. Now go to Digistore24 and go to the affiliate marketplace. You can see here many categories like Home Decor, Health care, Internet Marketing, E-business, and more. Select the product with your niche. If you want to work on a health niche then you can select a product from the Health Care category.

Here are the criteria to choose the best product to Promote Digistore24 Products on Pinterest:

  • Average cart conversion of 10%+.
  • Average cancellation rate of 3% and below.

You can filter products by their quality. Now, this is time to upgrade your normal Pinterest account to a business account. It is free. Above I mentioned that Pinterest is a visual search engine. You can rank easily on Pinterest for Specific Keywords or Topics. You can promote affiliate products on Pinterest without a website. But if you want to make a successful business, you need a landing page or blog. You need to create a landing page or blog. You can make free landing pages There is no promotion. I am recommending you personally. It is a totally free and amazing email marketing tool.

Creating or Converting Personal Pinterest Account to A Business Account

This step is so easy. You can create a business account or create a personal account to a business account. You will get more features in a business account compared to a personal account.

In a business account, you can see the analytics and performance of your pins and boards. You need to optimize your Pinterest profile by adding a relevant bio. Add keywords you are targeting keywords in your bio.

Not write in a spammy way. Write as natural. Give them information about what your account is all about. Add a website or landing page link to your profile.

How to Grow Audience on Pinterest

Follow these people who are interested in your niche. Keep tracking them. These are people that your competitors collected already. You need to follow them. You need to follow a couple of each day. Track who is following back to you or not. This is necessary.

You need to focus on active followers. Because most accounts have a huge number of followers may have abandoned or died accounts. Follow a couple of followers in a day. don’t follow too many people. Keep tracking people following back you. Because they are active people. Active followers will be able to see your new pins. possibly they can click on your pins, purchase a product.

Join group boards to grow your audience. It is simple. Search a keyword relevant to your niche under the board section. You can join easily a Pinterest group board by following their instructions. Simply follow them and join. The pins added to these group boards get a lot of impressions and clicks.

Before joining group boards make sure you have at least 100+ followers. Add your pins to group boards.

Engage with your audience. The most important thing is your content. You need to actively post pins on Pinterest. Post quality pins with relevant and well-keyworded Title and Description. This will help you to grow your rank on Pinterest.

Optimize Pinterest pins to get more engagements & clicks (Pinterest SEO)

Above I said that Pinterest is a visual search engine. You need to use images in warm colors to attract people to click on pins. Images are the most important thing to consider. Create an attractive image people click on it. Because if you search anything in scroll results you only see the image and Title of the pin. So you need to create an informative and attractive image.

Write a relevant and well-keyworded title. Because second most important is the title. Target a specific keyword. Target a specific audience. Mention the product in the title.

Write a relevant and well-keyworded title. Target long-tail keywords in the description and insert some LSI keywords in the description.

You can also get traffic to your blog or youtube channel from Pinterest. You can make a blogger site for a free option and also use domain and web hosting to host a website. Also, you can create a youtube channel. It is also free.

If you promote your youtube video or blog page on Pinterest, you don’t need to write a title and description. Pinterest automatically pulls your content from your website or Youtube Channel.

You need to add hashtags and tags relevant to your niche. So Pinterest can get an idea of where to rank your pins. You should use your PC to work o Pinterest. Because many options are not available on mobile.

Unlike other sites like Facebook and Instagram, Pinterest allows us to route visitors away from their platform.

Once you know all of the things you can continue pinning manually daily. If you want huge traffic you need to create a lot of pins. Publish 6–15 pins in a day. You need to make your account popular in your niche. You need to know what your audience searching for.

Use Pinterest Ads to Promote Digistore24 Affiliate Products

Pinterest CPC is low compared to Google AdWords. So it is the best-paid traffic source to promote your affiliate pins. Target top-tier countries to get paid traffic from Pinterest.

Target only one country at one time. You have to target mobile devices only because you will get cheap clicks. Run 5 pins in the Ad you created. You need to read advertising policies on Pinterest.

Because they disapprove of some ads that are clickbait or promise. So make sure to create relevant and clickable pins. Don’t create a clickbait pin. outlandish results.

You can build an email list when running ads on Pinterest. You can create a landing page with an email submission form popup. Also, you can create these types of landing pages in Collect emails for email marketing.

If you follow above these things I mentioned you will make money. But with these things, you need to keep patience. IF you want quick and easy money it is not possible.


If you don’t have enough money, I don’t recommend you to go with paid ads. You need to follow above these things for 2–3 months and you will get positive results. Keep patience with work. Work regularly follow all the steps and you will make money with Pinterest.



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